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this come as cross to me he is. >> in court the attorney acknowledged he was driving and his car jumped a curb and hit the family. >> we're hoping this sends a message you have to be responsible for actions. >> the teen's parents were in the courtroom. watt one point the boy stood up to apologize but the judge decided that should wait until sentencing. >> this is when he didn't want to apologize. the attorney didn't want to do that. we'll get a chance. >> this young man will walk from this, moving on with his wife. she will be suffering this loss and be reminded of this. >> and he could get up to seven years in custody and
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under the law must be released when he turns 21. a birthday he will spend here at juvenile hall. >> thank you. more legal news there is a well known gay rights activist in court today to answer charges related to child pornography. the lawyer for the 66-year-old enter aired plea of not guilty to six charges including possessing and distributing child porn. and connected him to a yahoo user group distributing photos of children as young as two years old in sex acts with adult men. >> in this case he was the act active participant in receiving information and passing it out. >> he wrote the ordinance giving equal rights to gays
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and lesbians. >> a morgan hill jury found a 51-year-old guilty of 27 counts of child owe molestation. he was a female relative, just seven years old when fernandez began molesting her, fernandez is the father of the man charged can killing sierra lamar. fernandez faces life in prison. >> and there is worried parents filing charges after a 9-year-old girl was molested and kidnapped last week. we report from parkside elementary. the changes the school is now putting into place. >> this is always emotional when you hear parents speaking and you know, emotions of what could have happened something more tragic. >> 150 concerned parents came with questions for the deputy
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police chief. >> i have two children that go to school here. and... my husband came to pick them frup school that afternoon. and he had no clue that happened. we didn't find out until 5:30 in the evening it was important it was correct and accurate. we waited until there was correct sfgs ask released it with the police department. >> this sparked by molestation and kidnapping. and he carried her away and as they were about to enter a house she kicked, threw rocks and ran back to school. >> this is when i would jump out and scream as long as i can. >> there are two other stops before this one. there is police saying before that he had been kicked off
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campus by an administrator. changes coming to parkside elementary. >> do we make it look like a gated community? more of a prison than a school? that is a fine line, something we'll talk about. >> there is not going to be long until there is a change. fence companies here working on other side of school ask coming over here, putting up fence and making gates lockable. >> police arrested two men for stealing dozens of lap tops from facebook's former headquarters. one of them is a off duty security guard that worked there. the guard was arrested after a private guard spotted them taking 49 computers from the building. and there are police saying it
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contains win bins of facebook lap top autos san francisco department of public health issued an advisory for west nile virus after a man was hospitalized and now recovering from infections. officials say it's the first case since 2005. and this is five times that many that don't know they've been infected. >> the majority of the people do not develop symptoms. out five people, one person might be ill usually with a illness. >> a dead bird infected was found last week, only the third found in the city since 2007. >> nurses in two hospitals took to the sidewalk today in a one-hour strike over contract negotiate yaigsz. the nurses work at good samaritan hospital and have
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been without a contract since june. >> there are nurse that's need to be able to retire with dignity and know that wile they're in there, to with able to retire and be comfortable in their old age. >> a spokeswoman counters good proposals have been made and do continue tomorrow. >> there is a word of warning from chevron, failing to uncover corrosion and abc 7 news is there now and joins us live to explain how this prompted an alert. >> there is an alert sent out to other refineries and this is what it says. we know there is a section of the pipe failed we're pretty sure we know why. and there is where we did not
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inspect all sections and went on to say this is what we're doing now and think other refineries should be doing, too. >> what we've done is enhanced our program and today, we're sharing what we have learned. and so to try to prevent something similar from happening. >> there is a picture of the section of the pipe that failed. there is a thinning issue. several things have to happen here when there are temperatures inside exceeds 450 degrees. the pipe is made of carbon steal with low silicon.
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those elements contributing to early corrosion. this is why members are upset. >> there is a explanation this is the biggest i've seen since i've been here. it's big enough for me. >> and that is a section taken away to be analyzed and tested. and according to chevron, the results may not be known sometime. >> there is a labor dispute between nfl owners and referees could soon be over, espn reports the sides are near an agreement. standing in for agreement are the replacement reps.
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there is a sea hawks won on a controversial call. the referee being scrutinized today and here is a picture of lance easley the night after the game partying in a nightclub. his full time job is with bank of america. there is a picture floating around of him know. a woman at the club wearing a green bay packers shirt but again a deal with nfl may be soon. >> yes. >> coming up, bed time ritual one author guarantees will help your child get a good night's sleep. >> and a county changing ts way restaurants deliver takeout food. >> there is warm to hot patterns setting up. >> and there is airlines creating a quiet zone adding
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no kids
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scientists say a huge earthquake last spring triggered qaikz around the world. it was off the coast of sumatra and one of the 10 largest reported quakes in 100 years and this resulted in little actual damage but found a relation to questions as far as baja, california occurring up to a week later. >> san francisco has a new low budget, high tech transportation option. the company scoot testing a new service in the city. there is no specialty driver's license is necessary.
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you can unlock it with your smart phone and now about 50 are available. the company testing a service to see how this works and hopes to expand it incoming years. >> and santa cruz county is wuchbt first to expand the plastic bag ban to restaurants. there are already bans from grocery stores and convenience stores. and this goes into affect in april 2013. >> business as tracting followers on facebook might be feeling less like today. they're in the procession of site integrity improvements meaning it's purging fake user accounts. this is felt by san francisco online game company zynga. texas hold em poker lost 96,000 fans today. >> a report shows how a lot of
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money is going these days where it's going every time we fly. >> there are revealing detail autos ticket prices going up but real money, real money is in the bag there is a report they collected $1.7 billion in fees that start at $25 and really add up. and there is one editor for abc news. >> these are not going to go away. and are going to get higher. >> to be able to take on 50 pound bag free that is 25s skpdz $30 doesn't surprise me. >> there is united air hins with $351 million. >> an airline is asia is charging passengers extra to
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sit in a child free zone on the plane supposedly away from crying babies. and sees it as a great way to destress and the cost of sit in the new so called zone is from $11 to $35 and plans to reserve first seven rows for passengers 12 and older. this is after efforts from malaysia air. >> have you ever had to pay for credit score? if so you're not going like to hear this there are 200,000 reports concluded one out of five people are likely to get scores that are different from once paid for. the score could mean difference between getting a loan with good terms and not good terms. there is 49 different scores,
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listen to that, to determine how risky your behavior is. regulators say there is no way to tell whether it's a score lenders are using but does suggest shop around for a higher score. >> and how to get a score. >> that just doesn't sound right. too many thing autos thank you. >> and getting children to sleep can be a nightmare but think what grandma used to do. there is studies show children under 1 need 10 hours of sleep at night. and says that letting kids play video games until bed time is the wrong thing to do. >> this is maybe times to get
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out books and stories and help the kids calm down. >> and that is a good message, too. >> and there is temperatures heading up, wait until you see heat coming up. there is our san jose camera towards downtown. it's sunny skies and beautiful day. 75 degrees down three degrees from yesterday. cooler and let's check out another perspective from our camera. there is fog about 16 hup feet deep. what this means is that there is fog with us around the coast z it's just hugging the coastline, temperatures have
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been so chilly this afternoon. pacifica, high only 54 degrees so on the cold side as that fog moved in. here are the temperatures mid-80s inland. nice, mild here and along the coast. there is fog tonight. dense patches again, warming begins and warm to hot weather get ready to head tordz coast. tomorrow morning you'll notice fog around as i mention add long the coast and near the bay. watch out in the morning this may be thick in spots. reduced visibility due to dense fog. upper 40s to mid 50s and another cool start means you need a layer. and there is a warmer pattern developing starting tomorrow, it will be a minor warm up. heading into weekend bigger changes coming up. wardrobe will be changing as
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we head into the weekend. there is what we can see in the fall. warmer pattern, wind flows from land towards ocean as opposed to that sea breeze. and there is this trend, sunday, hot inland. areas into 70s and we'll see warm patterns near the coast. there is 82 degree hz in san jose. 80 degrees in sunnyvale. on the peninsula there is 78 in redwood city. there is some fog could be dense in pacifica. then, holding on to fog into afternoon. 62 degrees so keep long sleeves if i were you. there is no telling how to dress just what it's going to be like. there is 83 in santa rosa.
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temperatures running higher, 74 oakland there is 92 livermore and there is accu-weather forecast warming starts tomorrow, that trend takes us right on throughout the weekend and there is mid to upper 90s and low to mid-70s at beach there's is a warm pattern. there is a gradual cool down monday, cooler tuesday, and wednesday. if you're 49ers fan do you does $49,000 sound? there is abc 7 about to make someone richer go to abc 7 news on face wookbook and like us and click the button to enter. we'll announce on october 18th right after the 49ers take on
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seattle seahawks here on abc 7 news. if you like us don't worry there is still a chance. go and click that $49,000 button. that will take tout page where you can enter. one form, quick. just add $49,000 to your wallet. >> if you're lucky. yes. >> thank you. >> that is awesome. >> coming up next, sound of music. that legends are working to bring to sick kirn in the bay area. >> and there is a modern day foundry. we'll be right back here.
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and an appeals court ruled against parents suing a vaccine manufacturer for the death of their son. the court upheld a previous ruling dismissing the lawsuit. the couple's son died nine days after receiving a vaccine for muse yelz, mumps and rubella. they were awarded $250,000 for the loss however, the couple wanted great compensation for emotional damages. the decision said federal law does not allow a reward of more than $250,000 for a vaccine related death. >> a 49er great is working with a hospital on a new effort to use music to help ill children. today, agreeing to hold steve young's forever young foundation on a plan to create a music therapy room. >> this is exciting part is
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that opt and our vision have come together and there is a place to do it. this is wonderful. >> so there is a play room called forever young skoon. and kids can just play and it's a procedure free zone z there is more in our nfl pregame show. it's coming to abc 7 and are going to broadcast here on abc 7 as well as december 6th game in oakland between raiders and banjo -- bronco autos coming up next, there is a preview of the ansel adams collecti├▒a├║
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coming up at 6:00 the efforts to ban the use of fogs
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to hunt down bears and bob cats. the final chapter in this story and also, a freebie from finney. how to get your credit score and use to it determine your credit worthyness and a look at the history of stop motion animation. how it's influenced movie and tv. now back to dan and cheryl. >> and we had a sneak peek today in a special collection of work by ansel adams and it's not probably what you'd expect showing the university of california campuses. >> nearly 50 years ago they were commissioned to celebrate the centennial. now, it's called fiat luchl reduchl or let there be light which is the motto of uc berkeley. >> good stuff. >> and that

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